Hello, thanks for checking out my game compo submission for Ludum Dare 40

Theme:  "The more you have, the worse it is"

The theme plays a pivotal mechanic in the game as using any of your abilities will have repercussions as the game goes on. If you fire a bullet - that bullet will stay in the game forever. Pick up a damage upgrade? Well done now all your bullets have extra damage! The catch is, they could hit you later on! The enemy do not fight, you only lose to yourself!


There're definite strategies to win the game, good luck! 


OriginalSubmission.zip 11 MB
The Exalted Windows (Post Jam - Updated).zip 19 MB
TheExaltedSourceCode.zip 148 MB

Development log


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When I played there was no cursor (Including the default one for windows) was this intentional? Without a cursor I was guessing every shot or movement and that made the game unplayable for me. Note: I'm playing on the web version in internet explorer

You're definitely supposed to have the cursor. It might be because you've got a controller plugged in?